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We need Laws (Rules) that We Can All Live With,
President Vladimir Putin said
... Here They Are!
   In watching the meetings with the heads of states and nations, one thing stands out in their speeches—  extreme hatred, one nation for another. The leaders of their
armed forces stand very eager for war, even for minor trespasses of land and air zones. Even passenger planes have been intentionally shot down, with hundreds of lives taken, as if there is absolutely no concern for life.
    President Vladimir Putin, along with 800 leaders, is now asking for Justice, for Just Laws that we can all live with. The Laws of Yahweh are the only set of Laws that will fit that bill perfectly. They are just for all. They are absolutely Perfect for all nations and all individuals. When a person goes contrary to one of those Laws, he brings suffering upon himself. In keeping them, he brings blessings to himself. In studying them, anyone can see the benefits in practicing this Righteousness, and the harm he brings for not practicing it.

Prophetic Word

Let Us Keep The FEAST
  The Book of Colossians is said to have been written around the year 61 of this Common Era. This date was approximately twenty-seven years after Yahshua Messiah was sacrificed, and Shaul was still saying these days Yahweh ordained are Holy, and that Yahweh’s Feast Days, New Moons, and Sabbaths, are a shadow from the things that are coming for the Body of Messiah. The Body of Messiah is The House of Yahweh, who are gathered as one Body into one place three times each year to celebrate Yahweh’s Feasts.
   Yahweh’s Sabbaths and His Feast days are a Shadow from things to come for the Body of Messiah. If the Feasts of Yahweh are a shadow, they must be Yahweh’s Shadow, since they are Yahweh’s Feasts.
   The House of Yahweh is the one place where you can find joy and learn how to rejoice in Righteousness, which brings Peace, and acceptability for Life Eternal. Call, write or email for reservations, and I will see you at Yahweh’s House.


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