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Yahweh's Prophets Spoke Of This Generation.
Love Has Grown COLD.
  Satan failed to tell Eve that the Gods would not answer her prayers when the devil deceived her into practicing sin. Be evil like the Gods; it’s a lot of fun, Satan said. The other side of the coin was not shown until later when the plagues began in the form of sickness, disease, hatred, fighting, war, death, and for your children, continual war.
  Now, 6,000 years later, in the last part of Yahweh’s finishing Plan, we face the worse plagues ever in the history of the Great Plan of Yahweh, which is to make mankind in the Image and Likeness of Yahweh, Himself, perfectly sinless, Eternally.
  Now, we are near the end of the 6,000 year plan. We’re seeing every prophecy come to pass in detail, from the increase in knowledge for this generation and the invention of nuclear bombs that will darken the sun and kill four-fifths of the earth’s population, to the whole world being cut off from Yahweh, in this generation...

Prophetic Word
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Surely, We Can See Wars
Yahweh's Prophecies are 100% True.

   It’s not surprising that the Savior, Yahshua Messiah, said only fools would be slow to believe all that the Prophets of Yahweh have spoken. Follow the Scriptures in your bible and you will see what I mean. Yahweh’s Prophet Daniyl actually spoke of this present generation of nuclear knowledge. When you couple his words with Yahshua Messiah’s Words, you see, without a doubt, that we are in the last part of the Last Generation given to mankind by the Creator Yahweh to prove that the activities of rebellion, chosen by mankind, against Yahweh’s Laws of health, joy, and peace, will lead to nuclear burning. In Mattithyah 29:33, Yahshua said “when you see these things”. Think of this. Wow! What a wonderful Prophecy. In this time period, Daniyl said that knowledge would be increased. It was in the beginning of this generation when the computer was invented, and the nuclear bomb that will darken the sun came from this increase of knowledge. All of this took place in this present, prophesied generation.. We can see all of these things at this time...

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