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"For The Message of Yahweh Comes To Man By THE PROPHETIC WORD" - Yeremyah 23:36

Then she spoke saying; from the beginning, the Law of Yahweh has said: 
To receive an answer, ask of Abel, at Abel; and that would settle a matter.~II Samuyl 20:18


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Prophecy Shows The Man of Sin, Pope Francis, Will Bring Nuclear Destructiony...
The Inspired Scriptures also show, in no uncertain terms, the roman catholic church as the city that sits on seven hills. She leads the kings of the earth, and brings forth teachings that cause abominations among the people. This, in turn, cause the people to be abominable to others.

What Can You Do?...
The very first thing you need to do if you want Yahweh’s Protection, which is your last chance for protection against the certain nuclear wars, is to stop following rebellious religions and repent.. ..

The Consuming - Burning - Nuclear Burning...
Yahweh is not bringing nuclear war on the world. The catholic roman empire–the fourth beast of Daniyl 7, which is the catholic city that sits on the seven hills of Rome leading the kings of the earth and changing the Yahweh’s Laws–is behind the wars......

The Word "Democracy" Is Used To Spread Sin Throughout The World. What Is Sin? I Yahchanan 3:4, 708, 10Salvation...
I Well, here now in Revelation 9:20 we see they won’t repent of their murders. Now get that in your mind because this is democracy. This is what the pope pushes. This is what was pushed by a man, or a system, not a man but a system of men and their thoughts--their own sanctification of themselves. They came up with this idea of force, force rule, and, that’s what we see today. But they call it democracy, but they still got an army to enforce it......

The Real Meaning Behind Valentine's Day!...
As the pagan year went through its course, the mythological story of the birth-initiation-death of the son/husband also went its course, coming again to the vernal equinox and the remarriage of the mother to the son/husband, in order to fertilize the world.
 As repulsive as this may seem to the average reader, the same pagan fertility rites, practiced since antiquity, have come down to our present time almost intact. The only difference in the ancient pagan rituals and their modern counterparts, is the fact that their names were changed in order to veneer them with christian respectability.


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Yahweh's Last Days' Anointed Witness, Yisrayl Hawkins is greatly concerned about the direction in which today's world is headed. As well as being editor in chief of The Prophetic Word and writing a monthly newsletter, he is the author of many enlightening books which reflect a lifetime of study of both the Inspired Holy Scriptures and world events. He has met with numerous world leaders and attended many United Nations summit meetings promoting Yahweh's Message of Peace. He also gives weekly sermons and radio addresses. He can be contacted through his website: yisraylhawkins.com.

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