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DROUGHT. It's Getting Attention.
What's The REAL Cause?
  I am glad the droughts in Texas and California are getting attention, especially the cause, because the cause has always been ignored, as if it will straighten itself out. The cause is what I have been trying to get the world to see, for over fifty years now. .
I need to show you the validity of the source of knowledge on which I base my judgment; otherwise, you will scoff and refuse to do the tests that will prove what I am about to tell you.
   I know the Prophecies of Yahweh are 100% accurate and they show so many details that have been fulfilled. The problem in this generation is that all religions have stopped studying the Scriptures and the majority of the people have turned to practicing sin. The practice of sin creates and mutates harmful microorganisms that bring forth defilement to the body, soil, water and air. There is more defilement in this generation than at any time in man’s history...

Prophetic Word
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Ukraine Holocaust?- Is The Cause Still There?
  You need to know the Prophecies written by Yahweh’s Prophets are 100% accurate on foretelling the moves of the nations and religions today. They do not whitewash or, in anyway, cover up the Truth. If you will read these Prophecies and compare them with today’s activities of the nations and religions, you will see, in advance, what will take place next and the end of the governments now ruling the nations, multitudes, and peoples by force.
  The holocaust for this present prophesied time period, called The End, by Yahshua Messiah, also called the Last Generation, meaning the last generation allotted to mankind, saying it will end with a widespread holocaust that will involve all nations in nuclear burning that will also darken the sun
    One of many important lessons for mankind, is the ease in which mankind is drawn into sin. The second lesson shows the bitter impact sin has on people’s lives. After the parents, comes the bitter impact on the lives of their children......

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